A love of longhorns brought Dorie Damuth and her husband G. C. "Bo" Damuth together. And a love of longhorns led them to realize their dream of owning a herd almost 3 decades ago.

The Flying D Ranch has been a family-operated farm and ranch for over 150 years. Both Dorie and Bo have a strong background in the cattle ranching industry. Bo has since passed away but Dorie Damuth continues to operate the ranch as Bo would have wanted. His presence is greatly missed but with Dorie's life long ranching experience, the Flying D is still going strong.

Dorie worked alongside her sister, helping her grandfather work the old longhorns from the age of 5 so she has loved the breed right from the start. Dorie also grew up working with other breeds including Hereford and Brahma on her grandfather's ranch.

Dorie has been involved with the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo as a committee member throughout the years and is currently working with the NASA Longhorn Project, a partnership between schools in Clear Lake, and the Texas Longhorn Breeders Association.

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